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A trio with musical influences that extend far beyond their hometown of Nashville, Tennessee, BASECAMP came to fruition when the three producers joined forces to write. Quickly realizing there was a strong chemistry between them, the idea of BASECAMP immediately took hold. Deconstructing typical genre boundaries by utilizing haunting melodies, intensified by thumping bass lines and heavily percussive drums, BASECAMP effortlessly layer unpredictable tempo changes with elements of subtle glitch and organic strings. 

Releasing their standout debut EP in late 2013, tracks like ‘Emmanuel’ and ‘Smoke Filled Lungs' instantly stole the attention of audiences and fellow artists alike, through the EP’s sophisticated combination of seductive vocals and irresistible R&B timbre.

Now preparing to release their highly anticipated follow-up, the trio continue to mesh seemingly incongruous musical textures to create beautiful tension across their forthcoming record, ‘Greater Than’. More introspective than the last EP, the result is a record full of dark, brooding tones, heartfelt melodies and body shuddering bass echoed with sweeping cellos and inflections of ghostly guitars that expertly mirror the real-life experiences of their creators.

Universally relatable with burning lyrics and a fully realized musicianship that can't be faltered, this promises to be an exciting new chapter of the eclectic BASECAMP narrative.


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  • Justin Katerberg
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"First glimpse ‘Emmanuel’ is a mature, seductive bit of R&B-infused dance music that fuses twinkling, glitchy percussion with baritone vocals: think SBTRKT and Sampha’s collaborations on the former’s self-titled album."

FACT Magazine

"Together they alight something on the brink of taking liftoff."

This Is Fake DIY

"The Nashville-based outfit are testing similar soulful waters to Sampha with broken beats and tremulous bass wobs carrying a luxuriously slick vocal aloft"

The Line Of Best Fit

"The perfect amount of R&B laced vibes and a slow and subtle melody, made for some serious buzz worthy waves across the Internet. With traces of James Blake and SBTRKT in the work we realized they had something magical coming about."

Ear Milk


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